Freedom Ain’t Free


There is nothing I love more than wearing a t-shirt and jeans (well maybe a t-shirt and sweatpants haha), but what makes it even better is when you can show support and spread a message while doing so! This adorable t-shirt I am wearing is from Got Your Six!  Got Your 6 is a campaign to bridge the gap between veterans and civilians. I think it such an amazing campaign because these men and women put their lives on the line to protect us every day and we really should be the ones to say “we’ve got your back” when you return home, and thats what “Got your 6” stands for!

T-Shirt>> Got Your Six


Sandals>> Monterey Heels, Duck & Dressing

Jeans>> Hi-Rise Jegging, American Eagle * Distressed by me!

Sunnies>> Clubmaster Classic, Ray-Ban

Song Inspiration>> Ain’t Worth the Whiskey- Cole Swindell

 *With Memorial Day Weekend coming, I hope you’ll join me and take the time to remember what Memorial Day is really is about!

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