Fall Hair Trends

So Fall is here and every time there is a change of season my clients will say they want a change. I thought I would share/explain what my favorite fall trends are! Bronde, Ecaille and going red. Here are my favorite trends and pictures of my clients rocking them:

Ecaille- a.k.a Tortoise Shell Hair Color. Basically keeping your summer sombre (soft ombre) and richening it with warmer tones like caramel, mahogany and honey. If you have your summer ombre, ask your stylist to maybe deepen your roots a bit, put some bright face framing tones and then tone or gloss your bright highlights with a golden honey tone. Literally think of all the different colors in your tortoise shell sunnies.

Bronde- Made popular this fall by the goddess herself, Blake Lively. Bronde is the combination of blonde/brown hair. Bright blondes think of deepening your roots and toning your bleach blonde summer hair down to a nice medium/dark blonde shade. Make sure to keep lightness around your face framing pieces to avoid looking washed out.

Red Hot- I love adding red tones this time of year, it kind of mimics the beautiful shades of the leaves. You don’t have to do anything permanent…doing an all over gloss that will gradually fade or a few lowlights will really spice up your locks. Think Emma Stone. For Blondes adding a rose gold type hue is a great way to add a hint of a red/warm tone without being red. Ladies with blue/green eyes be prepared for them to pop and look stunning!

Well those are my favorite Fall Color Trends! Any requests on tutorials or tips?

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