El lucerito mañanero ilumina mi sendero

As a young girl my parents taught me to be grateful for the life I have! I thought I had done a “decent” job of counting my blessings and being thankful, but it wasn’t until I got home from Nicaragua last Saturday night, that I truly understood how fortunate I am! I just had 8 extraordinary days on the beautiful Isle Ometepe in Nicaragua at CICRN (Nicaraguan Christian Children’s Center). It took me a minute to go through my photos and write this post because this mission trip was so eye-opening for me.

I met so many beautiful people and children who had literally nothing (parents to care for them, food, clothes, money), but had hearts that were bursting with love, faith and gratefulness! I already miss the children and I feel like I left a little piece of my heart there. I also never knew how much could be accomplished in 8 short days! Our team from Curtis Lake Church became like a family to me.  I was truly enamored how 15 people of different ages and walks of life could use faith and fellowship to bring a little help to so many deserving people! I learned how to tile and grout a floor, improved my Spanglish and made life-long friends 🙂 Here is a quick peek of my mission trip in Ometepe:

What made this trip even more amazing, was that I shared it with my beautiful Mum!

Before and afters of the two offices our team painted and tiled! Last year the CICRN office was ruined by an earthquake and we had the opportunity to do some of the finishing touches!

Plenty of bright colors throughout the island and plenty of laughs too 🙂

We played a game of “Simon Says” and I was the last one standing against the kids… I clearly lost haha! The best time of the day was after working and dinner, when we could hang with the children. They had so much fun playing soccer, creating their own t-shirts and making jewelry. A few girls asked me to write in english ” I love my friends” or ” I love my family” on their shirts, I thought that was the sweetest thing!

One of our last days we left CICRN and went to Ojo de Agua for the afternoon! It’s a natural spring and it was beautiful! It was also amazing because the water was safe to digest a.k.a I didn’t have to worry about having a “Charlotte Pookipsy” moment for the first time on the trip!! Any Sex and the City lovers?!

Finally, nothing could beat the Ometepe sunset! I hope it’s not my last time seeing it and I’d love to go back and see the wonderful children of CICRN again. I really encourage anyone who is interested in going on a mission trip, or just volunteering locally, to do it!! It sounds kinda selfish, but being unselfish can make you feel really good! I know I got way more out of this trip than I put in, and I am so grateful I had that opportunity! A big hug and muchas gracias to anyone who donated supplies, money or their time to make it possible!

Song Inspo>> Mi Burrito Sabanero// The children LOVE this Christmas song about a boy and his donkey on the way to Bethlehem. On our last night a couple of the boys did a performance to this song, it was so funny to see Christmas lights and hear Christmas songs when its 100 degrees! Warning: this song will get stuck in your head

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