Welcome to Goldie’s Arrow! I am Whitney “Goldie” Foley and this is my space to share all things from home to beauty. My husband Patrick and I live in Maine with our son, Bran, and two dogs Oakley and Luna. I’m just trying to balance life as busy mom, wife and business owner! As a hairstylist, I’ve always loved all things hair and beauty, but since entering my thirties, and having my son, I have really developed a passion for a more holistic and natural lifestyle. There is nothing I love more than sharing and helping others, and I hope my blog can give you a little positivity in your day! Thank you for visiting, please leave any comments with your thoughts or ideas! -Whitney

Side note* You may notice I started this blog a few years ago and haven’t posted since. The truth is, I have missed blogging and felt it was time to revisit this space with some new life experiences and more to share! I thought of deleting my old posts because chances are you won’t find me at multiple concerts anymore chugging Bud Light (2 and done since having Bran haha) but I like that I can look back and see where this began! Onward and Upward!

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