Ikea Duktig Makeover

Whether its loading the dishwasher, sweeping or cooking, Bran truly loves to do whatever I am doing around the house! I couldn’t wait to get him his own play kitchen and my good girlfriend suggested the IKEA Duktig. It’s the perfect toy kitchen because it’s under $100, IKEA will ship it and you can easily customize it! The kitchen on it’s own is absolutely adorable, but even a small chance like switching up hardware can make a big difference. I got the inspiration for Bran’s kitchen from the Queer Eye Season 3 Loft 🙂 I went on Etsy for the leather handles, geo knobs that we (Pat haha) drilled in to look like oven knobs and his cute backsplash. I painted the bottom and top with Silos District from Magnolia and used metallic spray paint to update the sink and stovetop. His cookware and utensils were also from Ikea and his food is from Melissa & Doug.

I honestly had so much fun painting and decorating the Duktig because it felt like I was creating my own mini dream kitchen haha! If I were to make a huge suggestion it would be to paint the pieces prior to assembly, it would have saved a lot of time and taping!

Plant Love

I seriously can’t stop staring at my Sandra Ying macrame plant hangers! Sandra is not only crazy talented at macrame but she’s also the sweetest person. Its been so nice to see them hanging in the windows and out of Bran’s reach! My love for plants started when I was little, watching my mother and grandmother garden. In fact, the plant in the center is a slip of a plant that belonged to my great-great-grandmother! I love how plants can have history, brighten up a space and even reduce stress… which we could all use right about now! I have been toying around with starting a small vegetable garden this spring, but am not sure where to begin. If you have any tips, I would love to hear them, please leave them in the comments!