oh, Who needs confetti? we’re already fallin’ into the groove



This weekend was extra special for me! Saturday Pat and I celebrated our seven year anniversary! We were also lucky enough to be with our friends at the Tommy Mac Bar Crawl (fundraiser for a charitable fund in honor of our dear friend Tommy) in Boston.  Seven years sounds like a long time, but boy oh boy did it fly! Love you babe!

I have to say with my pink ends,  floral bell-sleeved blouse and T. Jazelle bracelet stack I felt like Stevie Knicks all day. I loved it. I was a flower meadow (or Bud Light) away from singing Rhiannon and twirling my little heart out! I want to give a big thank to Tiffany Jazelle for gifting me two amazing bracelets! She’s just as sweet as her stacks are meaningful. Seriously, I wear them every day and I just love that not only do they look beautiful, but they tell a story!  There is nothing like support from other women! #whoruntheworldgirls

Hope you all have a great week! Peace and Love


Bracelet Stack>> T. Jazelle

Ring Stack>> American Eagle

Cigar Style Ring>> Ellie Vail

Bell Sleeve Blouse>> Express

Photos>> @eltrill13 // thanks El!

Song Inspo>> Late To the Party// Kacey Musgraves

IMG_5214Last, but certainly not least, I want to say my heart goes out to Paris and Beirut and anyone affected by these tragedies.  I was in Paris around this time 5 years ago and was in such awe of it’s beauty. It’s a magical place and it’s in my prayers.



like your college major was twistin’ n tearin’ up Friday nights

Hey all! Last weekend was a busy/fun one for me and thought I’d share! Friday Night was spent celebrating my mum’s birthday. We (my gorgeous Mum, foxy G’ma and sassy Aunt) went to dinner and a Thomas Rhett and Brett Eldredge concert; which was amazing!! I borrowed my sisters faux-leather jacket and paired it with this adorable plaid duster from Target! There is nothing better than quality family time, country music and cold Bud Light. Am I right?!

Saturday night was a girls night out to see Amy Schumer. Her show is worth every penny and she is a legend! If it couldn’t get any more exciting, Sunday, Pat and I went to the Patriot’s game! It was chilly so I wore a sweater underneath my jersey and of course my on field hat. This weekend was a crazy one too and I’ll be sure to share in my next post!

Song Inspo>> Get Me Some of That// Thomas Rhett

I’m covered in the colors, pulled apart at the seams… And it’s blue


Whales are the best. End of Post. Just kidding! Whales are the best AND so are my new Vans!! One of my clients (S/O to Sarah 🙂 ) came in rocking these super cute high top Vans and I had to have them! They are so comfortable and versatile. I paired them here with my favorite day off jeans ‘Good Vibes’ from BLANKNYC. I needed an alternative to my Converse and these Vans Sk8-Hi Slim are just what I was hoping for!  I’m also crushing on an adorable Moc version!


Fresh new kicks>>Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Zip Perf Leather

Skinny Jeans>> Good Vibes Distressed Skinny Jeans BLANKNYC

Waxed Cotton Anorak Jacket>> Old from ASOS//similar style here

Shades>> Ray-Ban Aviator Classic

Song Inspo>>  Colors //Halsey

Whaling Wall in Portsmouth, NH, photos by my Pops!


More than just survival, This is my revival


This post is dedicated to my sister Brooke or B as I call her! After the holidays she is moving on down to Tennessee! On her last visit to Nashville, she brought me back a Luca + Danni State Love Tennessee bracelet from her favorite boutique, Pieces Boutique. The State Love bracelets are a perfect way to remember where your home, heart or loved ones are! I know it will make me think of my sis all the way in Tennessee! It takes a lot of guts to uproot and step out of your comfort zone. Luckily, she’s got one handsome boyfriend waiting down there for her, and I can’t wait for them to finally be in the same state!

B is also my best friend! It will be quite an adjustment not having her in driving distance. I know I could technically drive there, but lets be real, I won’t be driving down there haha. Plane please! It’s bittersweet because it’ll be sad not having her so close but I am so damn excited for her next adventure in Music City!  Good Luck B, so proud of you!!

Anyone else’s have siblings that double as your bestie?!




Boots>>Freebird Boots// COAL

Dress>>Flynn Skye// Err Night Mini Dress

Sweater>>American Eagle// Open Knit Crew Sweater>> On Sale!

Bracelet>>Luca + Danni//State Love Tennesee>> Brooke got it from Pieces Boutique in Nashville

Bracelet Stack>> T. Jazelle

Ring Stack>>American Eagle// Arrow & Evil Eye Stack>> only $12.50!!

Ring>> Elli Vail//Lex Ring

Song Inspo>> Revival//Selena Gomez…We have been obsessed with this album! Sorry Not Sorry!

Photos>> Brooke


Underneath a harvest moon, Standing on your shoes in my bare feet


I am just loving fall! This season I’ve been so lucky to spend a lot of precious time with my family and friends. My favorite fall look is a long sleeved dress with boots! These boots are most special to me because they were a birthday gift from my pops a couple of years ago! I had always wanted a pair of Frye Campus boots because they are so classic. Also, The stitching on these gave the Campus a western vibe that I loved. I also love that when I wear them, they remind me of family. The necklace I just got from American Eagle, and I have to say I’m pretty obsessed! I can’t wait to wear it with a plain T to give it a dressier/boho touch. What is your favorite fall look?!

Boots>>Frye// Campus Stitching Horse

Bracelet Stack>> T. Jazelle

Necklace>>American Eagle// Blue in store but they have tan online

Dress>> American Eagle//Out of Red but they have it in blue AND it is MAJORLY on sale

Song Inspo>> Heartbeat// Carrie Underwood ft. Sam Hunt

Photos>> Best damn musician in Nashville, TN// J.R. Wyatt>> Thanks Joe!!!

Tony Moly

Allure, ElleSephora and Cosmo have all been raving about Korean Beauty Products! K Beauty is literally everywhere, so I had to do some investigating. I tried Tony Moly’s Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch and Panda’s Dream Eye Patch and here are my findings:

Both Lady Gaga  and  Jessica Alba posted photos on their instas wearing Tony Moly’s Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch. The masks look absolutely ridiculous but if Mother Monster swears they are, “Good for hydration and plumping with no 💉 or silly bruising!” Count me in! Let me tell you they really really work! Laying down (it feels like jello and slips if you are sitting up) I put the lip patch on and in 20 min I actually had a noticibly plumper pout. For a reference, the “after” picture of me with the Panda mask is what my lips typically look like a.k.a a very thin upper lip.

I also tried Tony Moly’s Panda’s Dream Eye Patch. Not only do you look like a cute little panda, but they are amazing!! I recommend laying down and relaxing to prevent the mask from getting in your eye. My under eyes are naturally very dark and they instantly looked brighter…I was literally glowing.  I definately see why K Beauty is trending. The products aren’t budget busting, they work and the patches allowed me 20 min of peace and quiet! I can’t wait to try more products…anyone else using Tony Moly or any other K Beauty products?!

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch




My latest summer obsession has been Too Faced Melted Lipstick! It goes on so smooth and lasts so long. It is like the perfect combination of gloss and stain…and the colors are intensely bright! I got Melted Marshmallow and Melted Coral (see pictures below) and LOVE them! I am also pining over these shades: Melted Strawberry, Melted Violet and Melted Black Plum. Anyone else been using Too Faced Melted? What shades do you love?!

I see her dancing in the streets, sipping champagne on the beach

Ain’t no time like maxi time.  I love a good maxi dress and I just got this cute ruffled maxi from American Eagle. They can be dressy, bohemian, casual…really whatever you want them to be! I added a dutch braid with some round framed Ray-Bans to complete the look. Anyone else a huge maxi dress lover?!

Maxi Dress>>American Eagle

Shades>> Ray-Ban

Song Inspo>>This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a MotherF****r//Maroon 5  …love Adam Levine

What Doesn’t Kill You, Only Makes You Blonder

Ladies! If you are blonde, have blonde color or highlights in your hair, you truly need a purple shampoo! So often clients will come in saying that their highlights are looking a little dull and brassy as they approach their next appointment. This happens for many reasons: hair products, using curling/flat irons and  the elements. Looking at the color wheel yellow and purple are opposite each other, meaning when they are mixed they create a neutral color. When hair gets brassy it tends to have a yellow tint so using the purple shampoo will neutralize that brassiness and keep your blonde nice and bright! I recommend using it once a week to keep your blonde in check. If you are going to pay to have your hair highlighted or colored blonde you should try to keep your investment in the best shape possible! My favorite  purple shampoo is Brightening Blonde Shampoo from Alterna Haircare. Bonus it is sulfate free!!


Song Inspo>> Platinum- Miranda Lambert // Every Blonde Girl’s Anthem!