Ikea Duktig Makeover

Whether its loading the dishwasher, sweeping or cooking, Bran truly loves to do whatever I am doing around the house! I couldn’t wait to get him his own play kitchen and my good girlfriend suggested the IKEA Duktig. It’s the perfect toy kitchen because it’s under $100, IKEA will ship it and you can easily customize it! The kitchen on it’s own is absolutely adorable, but even a small chance like switching up hardware can make a big difference. I got the inspiration for Bran’s kitchen from the Queer Eye Season 3 Loft 🙂 I went on Etsy for the leather handles, geo knobs that we (Pat haha) drilled in to look like oven knobs and his cute backsplash. I painted the bottom and top with Silos District from Magnolia and used metallic spray paint to update the sink and stovetop. His cookware and utensils were also from Ikea and his food is from Melissa & Doug.

I honestly had so much fun painting and decorating the Duktig because it felt like I was creating my own mini dream kitchen haha! If I were to make a huge suggestion it would be to paint the pieces prior to assembly, it would have saved a lot of time and taping!

Hair Health

Before I get to the hair good good, I feel like I have to quickly address our current situation. Being quarantined has totally flipped all our lives upside down. I hope everyone is doing well and finding some positivity during these stressful and scary times. I can’t thank those who are on the front line of fighting this virus enough and those who are stocking/bagging our groceries or delivering our mail… truly so much self-sacrifice happening everywhere you look. I’ve seen images of Nurses saying goodbye to their little ones to keep them and us protected, not knowing when they will be able to hug their babes again. It is SO heartbreaking. I always try to find some light in the dark and while I may be out of work, I remind myself that I have been gifted time with Bran that I never would have had. I get the gift of being with him more. I will be eternally thankful for that and not take it for granted!

As a hairstylist I know how much having your hair done can build up your confidence and completely change your mood and energy, I saw it every day when I worked! One positive about staying at home is you can totally work on your hair health. Here are ways you can keep your hair healthy and growing while waiting to get back into the salon:

-Stay hydrated and take your vitamins, good hair health starts within! I have used Ritual Vitamins for the last 6 months and love them! I also put Collagen Peptides in my coffee every morning.

-Skip the shampoo. Hair doesn’t need to be washed everyday. In fact, when you shampoo daily you strip your natural oils telling your body and scalp it needs to produce more oil.

-If you need to wash use a product like dpHUE ACV rinse. It’s a great way to clean the hair without stripping it! I use this once a week…message me for more info or if you’d like to order! Your hair literally feels so light after using it, I have the best volume with it.

-Apply moisture to your ends! Our ends don’t get the natural oils like our scalp, so be sure to moisturize them as well 🙂 use hair oil or the IN COMMON Magic Myst Universal Elixir I spray this on my damp hair and then either air dry or style. I also will put on dry ends with my hands for a freshen up or to give my hair a little texture.

-Skip the blow-dry! Heat can be damaging, use this time to let your hair dry naturally!

-Sleep with hair in a loose braid to avoid tangling.

-Ditch old fashioned hair elastics. They can cause damage and tension, instead use scrunchies or an invisibobble. My girlfriend makes the sweetest crochet scrunchies if you check out her insta @boandpops.shop

-Sleep with a silk pillowcase! I just ordered this one on Amazon to replace my old one. It’s great for your hair by not roughing the cuticle or causing tangles. It’s also amazing for your skin and preventing wrinkles… win win!!

-Finally don’t feel the need to style! Here is my routine: day 1 fresh air-dried hair, day 2 braid, day 3 topknot and then day 4 I start all over with washing 🙂

Hope this helps and PLEASE whatever you do, don’t box dye or cut your hair haha your stylist will appreciate it later! xxWhitney

Plant Love

I seriously can’t stop staring at my Sandra Ying macrame plant hangers! Sandra is not only crazy talented at macrame but she’s also the sweetest person. Its been so nice to see them hanging in the windows and out of Bran’s reach! My love for plants started when I was little, watching my mother and grandmother garden. In fact, the plant in the center is a slip of a plant that belonged to my great-great-grandmother! I love how plants can have history, brighten up a space and even reduce stress… which we could all use right about now! I have been toying around with starting a small vegetable garden this spring, but am not sure where to begin. If you have any tips, I would love to hear them, please leave them in the comments!



Welcome to Goldie’s Arrow! I am Whitney “Goldie” Foley and this is my space to share all things from home to beauty. My husband Patrick and I live in Maine with our son, Bran, and two dogs Oakley and Luna. I’m just trying to balance life as busy mom, wife and business owner! As a hairstylist, I’ve always loved all things hair and beauty, but since entering my thirties, and having my son, I have really developed a passion for a more holistic and natural lifestyle. There is nothing I love more than sharing and helping others, and I hope my blog can give you a little positivity in your day! Thank you for visiting, please leave any comments with your thoughts or ideas! -Whitney

Side note* You may notice I started this blog a few years ago and haven’t posted since. The truth is, I have missed blogging and felt it was time to revisit this space with some new life experiences and more to share! I thought of deleting my old posts because chances are you won’t find me at multiple concerts anymore chugging Bud Light (2 and done since having Bran haha) but I like that I can look back and see where this began! Onward and Upward!

I’m against the days, when the skies stay bummer-grey and the cake tastes just okay, okay


Is there anything better than a few hair accessories? I love how they can dress up simple braid! Are you a fan of the trend? xxWhitney


T>> JRWyatt, Sunnies>>Krewe//from EyephoriaOptical, Hair Extensions//TopKnotExtensionsHalo, SongInspo>>ForTheBirds//MirandaLambert

You were made to shine under Southern stars. Pure as the mountain rain




Newest Obsession: Turbans. I found I’m With The Band on insta a few weeks ago and fell in love. I’m With The Band has the sickest headbands and turbans, they are also made in L.A (I love shopping U.S.A made).  They are perfect for second day hair, yoga, errands, or going out! The Joplin Velvet Turban immediately made me feel much cooler than I am and the Siouxsie Scarf Turban  is super chic and would be perfect for a dressier occasion too! I’m so excited to have these two turbans in my fall line-up and both are under $30!! I also had to post a picture of sweet Oakley with his head out the window! Hope your fall is going well, Stay Golden! xxGoldie

Song Inspo>>Make You Mine// High Valley























I’m a, I’m a cool girl. ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy


Happy First Day of Fall! It seemed fitting for my first fall post to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch inspired! I went to visit Brooke, my sister,  and per usual we had to hit up Taco Mamas and go shopping in Edgehill! Nashville truly has some of the cutest boutiques and I get so excited to visit some of my favorites like Castilleja, American Threads and Pieces. I found the cutest moon dress and choker this trip and I have been wearing the combo on repeat! I am still loving the 90’s chokers and dresses. It’s so fun to feel like your on Blossom or Sabrina! Pleeeaasse tell me I wasn’t the only Blossom Fan ” woooah” 🙂 Anyway, I hope fall is finding you well! Thanks so much for following and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite fall trends coming up! xxWhitney

P.S. I cannot get enough of snapchat filters and this fawn one gets me every time!


Hexagonal Flat Lenses>>Ray-Ban

Sandals>> Born >>so comfy and on sale at 6pm.com!

Dress>> Castilleja// Similar available here on Poshmark

Choker>>American Threads//

Similar cute chokers found on Etsy by VexEssential: Black and Silver Concho and Silver and Turquoise Metal Choker

Song Inspo>>Cool Girl//Tove Love